Utility Man


This picture was taken at the Michael Garman Gallery in Old Colorado City on the west side of Colorado Springs. It is the first image I ever made through the process of focus stacking. It combines 10 exposures, each with a different focus plane to create an infinite depth of field. I now teach a focus-stacking workshop and even sell the focus-stacking software Helicon Focus. Creating images like this is a lot of fun and another way to expand your creativity.

I used Helicon Focus to determine how many images I needed to take between the foreground and the background. While shooting tethered to a laptop or smart phone with Helicon Remote, the program automatically focuses your camera and takes the shots. Helicon Focus then blends the images together, using only the portions of each frame that are in focus.

There was an issue with the moving hologram on the right. The stacking process created a blur there, so I took the frame in which the hologram was sharpest and masked it in with Photoshop.

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