The Project is Complete!


Woo Hoo! My Photo of the Day project is finally complete! This is the last picture I have to post, but I will continue to share new images when I make them. I still have my Same Tree, Different Day project, so that will continue to keep me busy.

This is proof that you can accomplish a huge task, one small step at a time. I set out to catalog all of the image folders on my computer on March 9, 2014 by tackling one each day. In that time I missed a total of 16 days for various reasons and finished strong with a streak of reaching my goal 175 days in a row. I posted a total of 395 pictures.

In the winter months Our Gang Ice Racing holds weekend ice races on frozen Georgetown Lake in Georgetown, CO. I went with a few members of my photography group to get some photos on a cold and windy day. This is a picture of a student getting a lesson on how to drive on ice.

I made basic adjustments and removed chromatic aberrations in Adobe Camera Raw. In Photoshop I added a curves adjustment layer.

Ready for Launch … or Lunch


I know this looks like a scene from the Three Stooges or the Legend of Boggy Creek, but it’s my nephew and brother-in-law setting sail for some bass-fishin’ action at the world-famous Bass-n-Gill Club in Plainfield, IL.

I made basic adjustments and removed chromatic aberrations in Adobe Camera Raw and added a curves adjustment layer in Photoshop.

Frozen Motion


I do believe this is the only photo I have of Kiki that’s in focus. She skates so fast that my camera can’t keep up with her. I have a lot of shots of her that are just a blur.

I made basic adjustments and reduced noise in Adobe Camera Raw. In Photoshop I added black & white and curves adjustment layers.

Monkey Man





This is quite possibly the funniest picture I have ever taken.

This is Dan, and he stands almost 7 feet tall with roller skates. To see him tooling around a banked, roller derby track in a monkey suit is quite the experience,. Add to that the facial expression, which I didn’t see until I looked at this photo on the computer, and the fact that he has his arms twisted into the shape of one of those plastic monkeys from the Barrel of Monkeys game. I laugh every time I see this.

barrelOfMonkeys_preview_featured In Adobe Camera Raw I made basic adjustments and reduced noise. I used the Clone Stamp in Photoshop to remove some distracting background elements before cropping.



I keep seeing the number 1111, especially on digital clocks. Today the number of members on my photography group’s Facebook page hit 1111, and this picture happened to be in the folder that I had to catalog for the photo of the day. Coincidence? My sisters see 1111, too. They always said it was a sign that our grandmother was watching over us because November 11th was her birthday. I’ve read that when you see this number a lot, it means you are on the right path and exactly where you need to be. Who knows, but sometimes it seems really freaky.

I made basic adjustments in Adobe Camera Raw and used the HSL tool to desaturate all of the colors except blues and purples. In Photoshop I used the Spot Healing Brush to remove some spots and added a curves adjustment layer.

Six-Girl Pile-Up

Pikes Peak Derby Dames vs. St. Louis Arch RivalsThis shot was taken during a bout between the Pikes Peak Derby Dame Allstars and the St. Louis Arch Rival Rollergirls.

I used Adobe Camera Raw to make basic adjustments and reduce noise. In Photoshop I added a curves adjustment layer, increased sharpness and cropped.