Blue Hour at the Broadmoor


This is a shot of the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs.

I made basic adjustments and used the HSL tool to remove all the colors except blue and purple in Adobe Camera Raw. I added a curves adjustment layer in Photoshop.


Orion Over the Broadmoor


This shot of the Broadmoor Hotel was a happy accident. I didn’t realize that Orion was visible in the image until I looked at it on the computer. It’s a 10-second exposure at f16 and ISO 3200.

I made basic adjustments and reduced noise in Adobe Camera Raw.



This is Arianna. We had a lot of fun taking her senior portraits at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs. I have so many great photos of her from this session that it was hard to choose just one to post.

I made basic adjustments in Adobe Camera Raw. In Photoshop I used the Spot Healing Brush to remove blemishes and stray hairs. I also used it to conceal the front of her blouse, which could be seen through her sweater. I brightened her eyes with the sponge and dodge tools and cropped.

Facebook Black & White Challenge – Day 4


I’ve been nominated to accept the Facebook B&W Photo Challenge, and this is my entry for day 4.

This shot was taken on the grounds of the Broadmoor Hotel. I usually make arrangements with the Broadmoor to take members of my photography group there in January while the hotel is still decorated for the holidays.

This is a 14-second exposure at F22 and ISO 100. I used a small aperture to get the star pattern on each of the lights. I made basic adjustments in Adobe Camera Raw and applied a black & white filter in Photoshop.