Tutti Fruiti or Fruiti Tutti?


This photo was taken during one of my macro photography classes. I ask my students to bring in things to shoot, and they always come through in fine fashion.

I made basic adjustments in Adobe Camera Raw. In Photoshop I removed blemishes with the Spot Healing Brush.


Fresh Strawberries

Fresh Strawberries

Fresh fruit makes me think of the neighborhood I grew up in on the south side of Chicago. We had the last two peddlers in the city who would make their rounds on Wednesdays. One of them was a jolly fellow named Pinchy (short for Pinchovsky). He drove a big blue truck with a red cab that had shelves of fruits and vegetable in the back and a scale. When strawberries were in season, he’d carry an entire case of them into the house and sit down with my mother to take her order for the week. She’d ask questions like, “How’s the lettuce today?” … He’d say,”Beautiful!” That was his answer for everything. And if my mother found something not to be up to his or her standards, he would refund her money or replace the product the following week. I remember watching him weigh everything my mother ordered and place each item separately into a paper bag.

My sister has her kitchen decorated in a strawberry theme. Once while on the phone with her, she explained how hard it was to find strawberry items to add to her collection. I asked her if she wanted me to photograph some strawberries so she’d have something to hang in her kitchen. She said yes, so I went to the store and did just that to create this collage.

I photographed the strawberries outside on my back patio with my macro lens, and I used a diffuser to soften the harsh light. Each image is a separate layer in Photoshop placed on a canvas.