Dancing in the Grass


I taught an HDR class yesterday and took my students to the trolley museum in Colorado Springs. We had a great time, and this is my favorite shot from the day. This is the side of an old Denver Transit Company bus, and it’s a hand-held, 3-exposure image. I had to lend my tripod to one of my students, which gave me the opportunity to check out Photomatix’s feature for blending images not taken on a tripod. It looks like someone dancing in tall grass.




I couldn’t help but fall in love with this seashell turtle that someone brought to one of my macro-photography classes. I especially like the glasses and the hat.

Hey, guess what? I only have one day left to see the completion of this project!

I made basic adjustments in Adobe Camera Raw. In Photoshop I added a curves adjustment layer.

After the Storm


This is a shot of Blanca Peak and Ellingwood Point after a snowstorm. It’s a 3-exposure HDR image (+/-1 EV) blended and tone mapped in Photomatix.

After blending I made basic adjustments and applied a gradient to the sky with the Camera Raw filter. In Photoshop I added black & white and curves adjustment layers. I selected the mountains and added an exposure adjustment layer to them. I then cropped.

Blanca and Ellingwood

I shot this photo standing next to the Huerfano River as the first light of the day hits Blanca Peak and Ellingwood Point. This is a 3-exposure HDR image (+/-2EV) processed in Photomatix.
After blending in Photomatix I used the Camera Raw filter in Photoshop to make basic adjustments and adjust the color with the HSL tool. I selected the sky, inverted the selection and added a hue/saturation adjustment layer to the resulting mask to reduce the blues and cyans in the shadow areas. I added a curves adjustment layer.