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Michael J. Pach is an award-winning photographer with more than 30 years of photography experience, including two years as a photojournalist with the Fort Carson newspaper. He is a Chicago native with a Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering and an MBA. He teaches photography, Photoshop and color-management classes in Colorado Springs. He also operates a retail busines, AdventureCam Photo, through which he sells digital printing supplies, equipment and software. Mike has photographed the Pikes Peak Derby Dames and the Rocky Mountain Riot roller derby teams and has worked with several paranormal investigation teams. He also enjoys nature, portrait and event photography and runs the Colorado Photography Learning group with chapters in Colorado Springs, Denver and Pueblo. He has photographed for the USO and also volunteered his services to the Salvation Army of Colorado Springs and El Paso County. Check out more photos on Facebook

Dancing in the Grass


I taught an HDR class yesterday and took my students to the trolley museum in Colorado Springs. We had a great time, and this is my favorite shot from the day. This is the side of an old Denver Transit Company bus, and it’s a hand-held, 3-exposure image. I had to lend my tripod to one of my students, which gave me the opportunity to check out Photomatix’s feature for blending images not taken on a tripod. It looks like someone dancing in tall grass.


The Project is Complete!


Woo Hoo! My Photo of the Day project is finally complete! This is the last picture I have to post, but I will continue to share new images when I make them. I still have my Same Tree, Different Day project, so that will continue to keep me busy.

This is proof that you can accomplish a huge task, one small step at a time. I set out to catalog all of the image folders on my computer on March 9, 2014 by tackling one each day. In that time I missed a total of 16 days for various reasons and finished strong with a streak of reaching my goal 175 days in a row. I posted a total of 395 pictures.

In the winter months Our Gang Ice Racing holds weekend ice races on frozen Georgetown Lake in Georgetown, CO. I went with a few members of my photography group to get some photos on a cold and windy day. This is a picture of a student getting a lesson on how to drive on ice.

I made basic adjustments and removed chromatic aberrations in Adobe Camera Raw. In Photoshop I added a curves adjustment layer.


This is Kayleen, modeling for one of my portrait classes.
I made basic adjustments in Adobe Camera Raw. In Photoshop I used the Spot Healing Brush to remove blemishes. I added black & white and curves adjustment layers.